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Wand Enterprises
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Wand Enterprises
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Wand Enterprises
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Wand Enterprises, established over 35 years ago by the renowned stage hypnotist Jim Wand, is a premier entertainment agency known for its comprehensive service offerings and broad client base. We pride ourselves on the qualities that have made us the top choice in the entertainment industry: a dedicated full-time staff, nationwide availability, and the flexibility to work within almost any budget.

Our clients include Event Planners, Corporations, Colleges, Fraternities/Sororities, High Schools, and entities organizing Post- Prom/Project Graduation events, as well as Casinos and Fairs/Festivals. Each of our artists is fully insured and specializes in crafting customized shows that are tailored to fit the specific themes and content appropriate for each event. At Wand Enterprises, we are dedicated to maintaining the legacy of excellence and client satisfaction that Jim Wand originally set as our standard.

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Derrick Watkins

The Phenomenal World’s Coolest Hypnotist Derrick Watkins is a master hypnotist with more than 20 years experience! No one does it better! Derrick is amazing at delivering a clean, safe, fun and exciting stage hypnosis show. When your event representative calls, they will get a professional entertainer who will leave all the students, guests, and colleagues talking about his stage hypnosis show for years! Derrick will provide an amazing stage hypnosis show that will exceed your expectations! Not only will he deliver an educational, informational and entertaining show that will be enjoyed by everyone and anyone, your audience will be screaming for more! Derrick will provide you with a professional, entertaining and hypnotically funny show. Guaranteed family- friendly and hypnotically filled with lots and lots of laughs. Derrick’s talent is not limited to the stage. He has appeared on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop NYC and MTV’s TRL Show. He has also been a guest on many TV and radio shows is a HYPNOTIST, MENTALIST and SPEAKER Mind Blowing Mentalism , Hypnotic Hypnotism Prepare to be mesmerized by the incredible talent of Derrick Watkins, hailed as the Worlds Coolest Hypnotist. Don't settle for ordinary entertainment. Choose Mind Magic and unleash the power of astonishment with mind blowing hypnotism at your next holiday party or corporate event. Your guests won't believe their eyes! Experience the thrill of witnessing your guests' jaws drop as they witness the impossible come to life right before their eyes.

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The Wand Enterprises Story

On August 8, 2022, the world lost a true pioneer in the world of entertainment, Jim Wand, revered as one of the "GOATs" in the stage hypnosis field. As the founder of Wand Enterprises, Jim represented a diverse array of talents, including hypnotists, mentalists, ventriloquists, comedians, and magicians. Jim's illustrious career spanned over 35 years and boasted over 12,000 professional engagements, earning him international acclaim as one of the foremost hypnotic entertainers. His performances spanned every U.S. state and ten foreign countries, often revisiting many for multiple engagements. Beyond the stage, Jim was also a recognized expert in personal and group motivation, and successfully ran a hypnosis practice employing three full-time hypnotists in addition to himself for eight years. Jim's profound impact was felt by all who knew him and those who were moved by his performances and motivational work. He is deeply missed. Fulfilling Jim’s wish, Wand Enterprises will continue to thrive under the guidance of performers handpicked by Jim himself, ensuring the legacy of quality and excellence he set. Kenda Wand, Jim's wife, along with her team, are committed to upholding the exceptional standard of professionalism that clients of Wand Enterprises have come to expect, both longstanding and new. At Wand Enterprises, we remain dedicated to maintaining the high standards Jim set, delivering performances that embody the quality and passion he represented. Jim's impact was profound, and though he is greatly missed, his spirit lives on in every performance and in the lives of those he touched.

Kenda and Jim Wand



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