Michael C Anthony

Stage Hypnotist | Mentalist | Keynote Speaker

It’s often said that it’s a waste to let the mind go unused, but who’s to say you can’t play with it a bit? Enter the world of “Sleight of Minds” by Michael C. Anthony, an astonishing, interactive spectacle that will leave you in wonder. Watch as Michael delves into the thoughts of complete strangers, revealing their birthdates, the exact cash they’re carrying, and even foretelling events that will unfold in the future. It doesn’t end there – imagine him tapping into your friend’s thoughts across states using just your cellphone. Sounds unbelievable? Prepare to be convinced otherwise. Michael C. Anthony isn’t just any performer; he’s been awarded Entertainer of the Year seven times and has made appearances across major networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox. Michael’s talents don’t end there. He’s also renowned for his Stage Hypnosis show, “Hypnotized Live,” which remains one of the most sought-after performances in the realm of entertainment. Michael C. Anthony is a true dual-threat in the world of entertainment, offering not one, but two jaw-dropping performances.

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