High School Grad Nights

Post Prom/Project
Graduation Entertainment

Wand Enterprises has been providing entertainment for Post Prom and Project Graduation Events for over 35 years!

Wand Enterprises is dedicated to helping you create an unforgettable Post Prom or Project Graduation event. We provide high-quality entertainment for your high school gatherings. Our hypnosis shows are a fantastic way to keep students engaged and entertained during post-prom or project graduation events.

Hypnosis shows are an excellent way to engage students and create memorable experiences. These shows offer unique opportunities for interaction, both for the people on stage and those in the audience watching, ensuring everyone is involved and entertained.

Wand Enterprises has been delivering exceptional high school entertainment for over 35 years.

Post Prom and Project Graduation events are gaining popularity across the United States. Adding a hypnosis show or magic act to these events is an ideal way to create a fun and positive atmosphere, ensuring students stay safe after prom or graduation. Each year, our artists perform at over 100 such events, with more than 95% of schools choosing to rebook through our agency year after year.

At Wand Enterprises, we prioritize delivering safe and age-appropriate entertainment, drawing on the expertise and guidance of our founder, Jim Wand.

Wand Enterprises where we provide more than a Show and Nothing Less than Amazing!

**Please be advised that Sue Voss or Wand Entertainment, operating under the name Sunstar Events, has no affiliation with Wand Enterprises or Jim Wand in any capacity**

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