Mike Price


Mike is very laid back once the curtains close and the stage lights fade. But on stage he is a tightly wound ball of energy; an artist who focuses so intently on his work that he has emerged as best in his field. His ability to invent and perform the most technically difficult tricks in the world allowed him to capture first place in the international juggling championships. Mike grew up in the small town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. At nine years old he picked up the skill of juggling in just a few minutes, and a year later he was putting on his first performance. Mike honed his skills all through high school performing at fairs and festivals, and grew as a comedian as well. At just 19 Mike was already Headlining for all the major cruise lines, performing an astonishing 50 min. of original material. All that work finally paid off for Mike when, just a few years later, he walked away with the gold medal at the international juggling championships in Montreal Canada. In 2002 Mike used his diverse entertaining experience to produce his first large production show called Toy Land. A show which draws the crowd into a fantasy world through a series of mesmerizing juggling antics, elaborate costumes, and heart pumping music. He has formed a creative partnership with five talented musicians who let his one of a kind juggling patterns and transitions dictate the musical experience. Together they would perform this inventive show at larger music venues alongside many nationally recognized bands. Mike then went on to perform pieces from that show at some of the hottest and most famous nightclubs throughout the United States and Europe. Including the club island paradise Ibiza, just off the coast of Spain. Performing alongside DJ standouts like Carl Cox, Pete Tong, and Armin Van Buuren. Mike would make the music come alive before your very eyes. These are only few reasons why people have often referred to Mike as the Rock Star Juggler. The shows now are distant departures from the first show he performed when he was ten years old. He has traveled and performed at more shows than most jugglers do in a lifetime and he has made people from all over the world and from all age groups become fans of juggling. When Mike is not working he is always creating. Experience Mike’s newest production show, what he calls Light at.

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