Laura Ernst


Show Bio With something for everyone, this show has a variety of stunts that range from death-defying to ridiculously funny. The show gets rolling inside a human-sized hamster ball – how’s that for thinking outside the box? Add to that international award-winning juggling, the spinning cyr wheel, astounding acrobatic feats, and high-flying aerial stunts performed over 25 feet in the air and you’ve got a show beyond compare. This performance will be remembered long after the event. Personal Bio When Laura was little, her dad told her that if she picked a career that she truly loved then she would never have to work a day of her life. This probably wasn’t what he had in mind. In 2008 Laura won 1st place at the World Juggling Federation, placing her among the best jugglers in the world. Then, on the 5th season of America’s Got Talent, Laura performed inside of her human-sized hamster ball- a prop so impressive it caused Howie Mandel to exclaim, “I love you! You are my soul mate.” Never settling for average, Laura has invented innovative props and brought new life to old favorites. She has performed all over the world, and currently resides in Des Moines,

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