John Greene

Stage Hypnotist | Magician

Some are born to be doctors. Some are born to be lawyers. It’s not always clear why, but one thing is certain. John Greene was born for magic. From an early age (like, really early) John somehow knew that it was his calling to perform magic (his first words were “pick a card”). Whether it be for a crowd of a few or a few hundred, you can be sure that your event will be spectacular as John takes the stage. Need some casual walk-around sleight of hand? Check. Get as close to the magic as you can. A pack of cards, a coin, and whatever he can get his hands on. John will turn almost anything into a miniature miracle right under your nose. Magic is a wonderful thing to witness, yet a far better thing to experience. John brings the magic off the stage and into your hands. If you were any closer to the magic, you would be performing it. Need a stage show? Check. Have a larger crowd? Not a problem. By the end of the show, there is sure to be smiles, amazement, and laughter abounding. Blending spontaneity, wit, and plenty of audience involvement, your guests are bound to have a great time as John creates mysteries before their eyes. From the classics of magic to John’s unique innovations, there is no shortage of amazement. Need a mind reader? Check. By the end of a mentalism show with John, you’ll hear the theme song from The Twilight Zone playing in your head. You may think to yourself “Is this real”? But of course John will hear that thought and respond appropriately. Jaws will drop as predictions come true, thoughts are transferred from mind to mind, and strange happenings unfold that defy reason and logic.

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