Chuck King

Stage Hypnotist | Magician

Say Hello to Comedy Magician and Masters Certified Hypnotist Chuck King. For over 20 years, he has made people laugh as a headliner in Comedy clubs at Colleges, Casinos and Corporate shows around the world. “SHOW BIZ WEEKLY” calls this show the perfect blend of comedy, magic and hypnosis and is one of the best shows working today. HYPNOTIZED THE SHOW is a clever combination of comedy magic and hypnosis; opening the show with 10 to 12 minutes of powerfully entertaining comedy magic, the show continues to display creative writing, directing and production with an unparalleled knowledge in the field of subconscious reprogramming. Much like reality based television, HYPNOTIZED allows a live audience a glimpse into the imaginations of everyday, ordinary people, watching them act out their wildest visions and craziest interpretations from their subconscious minds. Unlike most hypnotic shows that take 30 to 40 minutes just to get through the induction, HYPNOTIZED gets right to the laughs. The induction is designed to put the volunteers into a relaxed state of mind called “trance”. The volunteers are then given a suggestion for the purpose of identifying the most responsive to keep on stage as “subjects” for the duration of the show. After the opening intro and completing the fastest hypnotic induction ever created, Chuck King gets right to business, making the subjects, as well as the audience members, laugh uncontrollably. Laughter is a release of tension for the subjects and very contagious for anybody observing the antics on stage. The individual and group suggestions are given to the subjects throughout the entire performance. They are calculated to build to a hilarious climax as the show progresses, guiding them through programmed responses and mind triggers that make for an outrageous finale. Here is a show you will rebook time and time again! Chuck client list reads like a Fortune 500 who’s who’s list. He has performed with Jay Leno (Tonight Show), Bill Cosby (Cosby Show), Tim Allen (Home Improvement) and several cable shows including HBO and SHOWTIME. Don’t just think of this as a hypnosis show, think of it as great entertainment. and let Chuck solve your entertainment

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