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Wand Enterprises was a business started by Jim Wand himself over 35 years ago. An impressive career that made his agency a force to be reckoned with. Wand Enterprises is a brand known far and wide, all because of a man with a dream. Today we are proud to carry that dream on with the help of many artists. We can now easily cover all that territory that Jim used to do on his own. Jim’s legacy lives on in every show that is booked. Wand Enterprises prides itself on providing first-class entertainment – just like Jim would have wanted.

Just some of the reasons to work with us:

Wand Enterprises has access to an extensive pool of seasoned performers.

We are an entertainment agency that can provide access to a diverse range of performers, from hypnotists and comedians to magicians and illusionists, thus enhancing your chances of finding the ideal act for your event.

Professionalism and experience: Wand Enterprises has dealt with a wide range of events and can offer expert guidance and advice to help you select the most suitable performers for your specific requirements.

Working with Wand Enterprises saves time on research and booking since we handle all of the specifics of booking and scheduling with the performer that you choose for your event.

Wand Enterprises is your Entertainment Solution.

Where your event is limited ONLY by your imagination!