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“The show is very interesting and is one of the largest events on our campus. We are looking into ways of accommodating more students at the event since so many of our students wanted to see him perform. Our campus has used Wand Enterprises for the last several years and has had great success.” 👏

Wand Enterprises was founded over 35 years ago by Jim Wand himself. His career was outstanding, and his agency became a force to be reckoned with. Wand Enterprises is a well-known agency, thanks to a man with a dream.

Today, we are pleased to carry on that dream, with the assistance of numerous artists. Every performance that is booked honors Jim’s legacy.

Wand Enterprises has full-time staff ready to assist with your needs. We help ensure that your event will be perfectly booked and guarantee you a great show!

Call us today to ask about your entertainment requirements.

Wand Enterprises where we provide More than a Show and Nothing less than Amazing!