Randy Emily


Randy Emily has been practicing Hypnosis since 1976. He holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree. Randy has worked in the counseling areas of Education and Social work over 25 years. So he is no stranger to working one on one with people. His energy and enthusiasm in working with people makes him the perfect match for a stage hypnotist. He especially has a fondness for high school and college students since he was a college counselor for fifteen years prior to now doing stage hypnosis shows fulltime. You can tell he puts 100% of his time into his shows and once you get to know him you will see how great he is with all ages and groups. [pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]”You had all of our fraternity brothers rolling wanting more. Thanks for spending the extra time meeting students and staff prior to your show.” –Chris Smith, Middle Tennessee State University[/pullquote] He comes from Corydon Indiana. It is known for being the First State Capitol and home of Governor Frank OBannon. He is the youngest of 14 kids so he has developed a great sense of humor through these times. He is one of 8 brothers to serve in the Army and he himself served in Vietnam. I am sure you will find him warm and entertaining. Thanks for reading about Randy.


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