Start Your Stage Hypnosis Career Online Training




Dr. Jim Wand’s Start Your Stage Hypnosis Career Online Training

Dr. Jim Wand’s Start Your Stage Hypnosis Career course is a comprehensive beginning stage hypnosis course perfect for those just starting out or just trying to take their shows to the next level.

Start Your Stage Hypnosis Career was recorded live at the Diamond Jo Casino with a live class of students!

This course covers 25 modules, each outlining a different aspect of your hypnosis show. You’ll learn everything from how to write a stellar intro to how to select the best routines for your volunteers. You’ll learn how to safely call volunteers to the stage and how to dismiss them with a bang!

In the next module, Dr. Wand covers 10 discreet markets and how he books shows in each. Nothing is held back!

You’ll also receive a digital copy of the manual that was distributed during this class. As a bonus, the manual includes all the business forms and contracts you’ll need, as well as written instructions for several suggestibility tests and inductions!

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The online manual includes over 100 pages of Dr. Jim Wand’s customized training, marketing, and scripts, just for you!