Fast Forward You Stage Hypnosis Career Online Course




Fast Forward Your Stage Hypnosis Career Now!

Learn from Dr. Jim Wand’s 30 year career in the hypnosis industry. Recorded live at the Diamond Jo Casino, this training class is a must for the working stage hypnotist.

In this course, you’ll see wide-ranging class discussions on topics such as the qualities of a good stage hypnotist, dealing with the unexpected, picking music, choosing volunteers, and much more! This class is absolutely packed with content!

You’ll also see real-live video demos from Dr. Wand’s live shows, so that you can see these concepts in action. Watch every part of the show as he delivers intros, pretalks, skits, and more from the perspective of a high school, college, and corporate event!

In the downloads section, you’ll find all you need to accompany the course, including all the handouts that the students were given at the live training and Dr. Wand’s 100 pages of scripts, marketing materials, business forms and more!

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Take your hypnosis show to the next level now! Take action today to improve yourself and your performances!