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Wand Enterprises the one and only agency for Hypnosis Entertainment!

Wand Enterprises | Post Prom & Project Graduation info

Post Prom/Project Graduation Entertainment

Wand Enterprises has been providing entertainment for Post Prom and Project Graduation Events for over 30 years!

Wand Enterprises is still in the business of helping you create an unforgettable Post Prom or Project Graduation Event. Wand Enterprises provides high-quality entertainment for your high school event. When it comes to post-prom or project graduation, hypnosis is one of the best ways to keep the kids engaged.

Hypnosis shows are a great way to get students involved and provide an unforgettable experience. It is a unique way to provide interaction for students both on stage and off.

Wand Enterprises has been involved in high school entertainment for 35 years.

After Prom and Project Graduation, events are becoming increasingly more popular throughout the United States. Including a Hypnosis show at these events is the perfect opportunity to create a positive and fun atmosphere that keeps students safe after the prom or grad is over. Each year, our hypnotists perform at over 100 such events, with at least 95% of the schools rebooking through our agency.

At Wand Enterprises, we know how important it is to provide safe and age-appropriate entertainment. After all, we had the best teacher – none other than Jim Wand himself.

Wand Enterprises where we provide more than a Show and Nothing Less than Amazing!

**Please note, Sue Voss or Wand Entertainment dba as Sunstar Events is not affiliated with Wand Enterprises in any way shape, or form**


Wand Enterprises

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