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Tim Gabrielson

Tim Gabrielson

Tim Gabrielson’s unique presentation Lemons to Laughter is one part mind-bending magic, one part hilarious comedy show, and one part life-changing message. Simply put, Tim helps organizations understand that choosing to see the joy and humor in any situation helps everyone regain perspective and control of a situation. Employees will be entertained along the way to embracing intentional decisions to:

  • Choose to respond versus just react
  • Find the fun in day to day interactions
  • Create magical moments for the customer

What better way to inspire a culture of creativity, fun and productivity at all levels of your organization?

Happy employees equal higher productivity, better communication, and more creative solutions. Ultimately, this leads to more loyal and engaged customers. Bonus – it’s just more fun.

The best part is, creating a dynamic and fun environment is always a choice. If we make good choices, we can reframe our negativity into positivity-thus creating a better day, and a better life! If a single person makes an intentional effort to change the dynamics at work, it will have a positive ripple effect on everyone. Lemons to Laughter will show your organization that work – and life – can really be that much fun!

“As the emcee as well as the entertainment, you carried our message throughout the entire presentation. This was very powerful! Your talent of transitioning from one speaker to the next was instrumental in holding the attention of an audience of almost 1200 people.” Christine Johnson Boston Scientific