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Maureen Amen

Maureen Amen

Maureen Amen is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant and she uses all her gifts while doing her psychic readings or communicating with your departed loved ones. She receives the answers to your questions and she will absolutely amaze and astound your event attendees with her astonishing revelations and insights. While in a trance state, Maureen communicates with the Angels, guides and teachers to divine the paramount knowledge helpful for each individual. The astute messages she articulates will be captivating, fascinating, and exciting, at times inspirational, intriguing, provocative or humorous but always entertaining. The audience will be enthralled with her rare, extraordinary and exceptional understanding, talent and expertise. All of her perceptiveness comes from the highest Source of Love and Light. She has been doing readings for 30 years and has conducted well over 10,000 readings. She started in the New England area before moving to Dallas where she has helped, healed and amazed clients both in her private practice and while working at the various fairs. She is one of the top readers at the Dallas Psychic Fair and even though she is now living in St. Louis and doing her psychic readings at various fairs in St.

Louis and Illinois she continues to return to Dallas every two months to see clients and work the fair.  Maureen works privately with individuals doing past life regressions, psychic readings, teaching and her healing work whether in person or by telephone. Some Testimonials: Maureen is AMAZING! My first encounter was at the Psychic Fair…Of all the psychics at the fair…she was the one psychic that is a channeler who really seems to be with Creator or Spirit and reveals what is the truth, in an out of body kind of experience. She communicates on a level with Creator that I have never seen before. … her readings take on a kind of depth and truth not felt or displayed in other people’s ability I have witnessed. Kevin Svoboda WOW —-I have been amazed with your abilities Josie Gutkne Maureen IMMEDIATELY zoned in on me, who I was, where I’ve been, where I was going, and what I needed to both release the past and follow my dreams into the future – and all this in 15 minutes. Kerry Lexington What a blessing you are!!! I know you work with a lot of people and I don’t expect you to have recall of the little details of my reading…but please know you helped steer my life onto a much needed course change. I am writing in blips and blurbs as I wait for the download of inspiration to come. Mark Whitkanack She has had extensive training and is:

  • Licensed Religious Counselor
  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher
  • ThetaHealing™ Certified Teacher & Practitioner
  • Licensed Instructor of Rainbow Children’s Classes.
  • Certified Practitioner in Reconnective Healing and Reconnection
  • Certified Practitioner of Sound Vibrational Attunement
  • NGH Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor of Hypnosis
  • Life Coach

Maureen is a proud member of the following: • National Guild of Hypnotists • International Association for Reiki Professionals • ADL Ministries • Commission on Religious Counseling and Healing She feels blessed in dedicating her life to empowering others to see the possibilities.  Her mission statement is: “Making a contribution to all individuals by empowering them to consciously see and live their possibilities on all levels of their being.”

Maureen is available for events, gallery shows, parties and both public and private readings.