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Jeff Michaels

Jeff Michaels

Jeff is an amazing talent and is quickly becoming one of the most popular Hypnotists in the market today while booking over 150 shows just this last year!! His shows sell out in a few days and the customer reviews are all very positive! He has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years as a DJ and Stage Hypnotist. He has one of the most popular shows on the circuit right now with current skits that appeal to the high school, college and even corporate age crowds. Jeff’s shows are always adapted to his audience and Jeff’s ability of on the fly skit routines sets him apart from other Hypnotists with years more experience.

Jeff’s show is a fast paced spectacle of laughter and creativity that is appropriate for all types of audiences. During the show, Jeff will select volunteers from the audience to come on stage and become hypnotized. The Hypnotized volunteers are taken through an amazing journey of imagination while they become the true stars of the show! Jeff’s shows are done in a family friendly, good taste style.

For an additional cost, Jeff has pulled in and worked with some of the hottest models in entertainment to do a “Vegas” style show. For Corporate or club opportunities, have a “Vegas” style show brought right to your event. With adding assistants, his shows take off with a unique spin and a show that you’d have to visit Las Vegas to see. Mention when contacting Jeff that this is the type show you’d like if you choose to spice up your event or take it to the next level. This show is guaranteed to keep you laughing and completely amazed throughout.

Jeff is a Certified Hypnotist and has been trained in Las Vegas by some of the most well known stage hypnotists in the country.

He has appeared on WIXX on the Murphy in the Morning show, worked with professional Organizations such as the Milwaukee Buck Organization, Green Bay Gamblers, and more. Jeff is currently doing shows throughout the United States. For a fun-filled event that will have people talking about it for years after, book Jeff Michaels.

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