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Chris Mabrey

Chris Mabrey

Chris Mabrey is the master of comedy hypnosis. He has become known nationwide as one of the most ENTERTIANING, AMUSING, HYSTERICAL SHOWS in the country, from coast to coast. Chris uses his incredible stage presence, witty style and expertise to captivate audiences and make memorable experiences that last a lifetime.Chris has an unbelievable knack on stage since he grew up on it. His witty personality, charm and experience now give him the understanding and capability to entertain any size and/or age of an audience. Chris Mabrey has not only performed stage shows for the last 14 years, becoming one of the hottest names in the industry, but also focuses on personal growth. He has earned a degree as a master hypnotist, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and a Masters in NLP.

Chris has been seen on NBC WBIR, KJCT, Montrose Press, KREX, Daily Sentinel, and various others sources of media.

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