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Carrie Schubert

Carrie Schubert

Carrie is a clairvoyant/psychic consultant, medium, and certified hypnotherapist. She is also lecturer, teacher and author.

Carrie believes that her psychic ability is a spiritual gift meant to promote joy, not fear. She blends humor with insight to connect to those people she reads. By using a “light approach”, she helps to restore faith and hope in those she touches. Carrie has found her approach to be most effective when dealing with those who are attempting to resolve painful issues, specifically around feelings of loss. Carrie has appeared on both national television and radio programs. She has authored two books; and continues to have a host of worldwide clients she reads for on a regular basis.

In her spare time, Carrie volunteers her time by offering her special abilities to both national and local authorities to help solve crimes and find missing persons. She also volunteers her abilities as a medium to bereavement groups.