Lee Cole

This show was made for company and association banquets. The audience participation and comical surprises make this a magic show for everyone. LAUGHTER Your guests are in for a big surprise. They’ll see the classics of magic, effects that made names like Houdini and Copperfield legends, comically de-railed. This is NOT your grandfather’s magic show! What appears to be a straight forward show is really an hilarious comedy of errors. As the show progresses the mishaps become more surprising, bigger, and funnier. Your guests will love this original situation comedy that puts the fun in dysfunctional! If you like magic, you’ll like this show, if you don’t like magic, you’ll LOVE this show. [pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]”Lee Cole is one of the finest comedy magician in the business… an asset with RCCL.” Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (67 shows)[/pullquote] Magician’s Secrets Revealed: The CEO’s tie is accidentally cut off, a borrowed twenty dollar bill ends up in a shredder, watches vanish from their owner’s wrists, a lady’s purse spontaneously gets into the act and it appears as though someone looses a significant and highly personal article of clothing! This show is designed to involve the audience and give them a fun evening. INVOLVEMENT Most magic shows are about props, this show is about people, your people. You’ll be surprised and delighted at how your guests react when they become a part of Lee’s comical misadventures. Volunteers who are brought on stage are always treated with respect. The routines are designed so that they can relax, laugh, and have a great time too. PROFESSIONAL You can book with confidence because this show is ALWAYS in good taste. There is no profanity or off color jokes. Your group will have a positive experience as this act demonstrates the benefits of maintaining a sense of humor in the face of adversity. Your group will stand and applaud the show’s funny and patriotic ending. This unique act has been enjoyed at thousands of banquets over the past 20 years and will make your event the memorable success you’re looking for. Choose this time tested program and put your mind at ease; your guests will be delighted and you will get the credit. This show is in great demand so reserve your date now!


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