High School Entertainment

High School Hypnotist, Jim Wand, provides high quality hypnosis entertainment for any high school event. Whether it’s for an assembly,fundraising activity, project graduation, or post prom event, hypnosis is the key to entertainment.

High School Entertainment

Hypnotism is a great tool for entertainment, but it also provides helpful suggestions to students.

High School Assemblies

High school assembles are great opportunities to reach students on a personal level. Stage hypnotist Jim Wand understands how difficult it can be to find a suitable act that’s both entertaining and provides students with useful information. Hypnosis shows are a great way to get students involved and leave a lasting impression on them. The use of hypnotism can be entertaining, but it also provides helpful tips students can use in their daily lives. We teach and entertain at the same time, thus holding the audience’s attention. Some of the key issues we address during our hypnosis shows are alcohol and substance abuse, how to improve self-concept; develop self-responsibility, and the value of taking control over one’s life. Through the power of hypnosis our professional stage hypnotists mix entertainment and important life lessons into a useful presentation.

Post Prom/Project Graduation

High School Hypnotist Jim Wand has been involved in high school entertainment for over 25 years. Hypnosis is the perfect source of entertainment for any post-prom or project graduation event because it creates a positive and fun atmosphere that keeps students safe after prom is over. Hypnotism can be both entertaining and educational, providing students with helpful suggestions they can follow in their daily lives. After Prom and Project Graduation events are becoming increasingly more popular throughout the United States. Just this year, our hypnosis agency performed at over 150 such events. At least 95% of the schools rebooked through our hypnosis agency each year. At Wand Enterprises, we know how important it is to provide safe and age appropriate entertainment. This is why we can guarantee that our shows will be enjoyed by all.

Jim Wand Master Hypnotist

The Show

The presentation involves audience participation, can be utilized with students sixth through twelfth grade, is always tastefully done, enjoyed by all, and used with four hundred to three thousand students at one time.

All School Assemblies, Homecoming & Pep Rallies

Stage Hypnotist

Drug/Alcohol Assemblies

Stage Hypnotist

Athletic or other Awards Banquet

Stage Hypnotist

Appreciation Dinners

Stage Hypnotist

Teacher Inservice

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After Prom / After Graduation Parties

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Other Special Events

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Motivational Educational Sessions

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Self Hypnosis Programs

Being successful as a college student is becoming more competitive every year. Test scores, class ranking, multi-tasking, social expectations, peer pressure, personal relationships, parental concerns, and other added responsibilities can cause the school to become a “hostile environment”. Learn how to survive and succeed.

College can be completed by crawling, walking, or running. The pace is an individual decision that many times dictates the entire future of those involved. Academics, sports, clubs, outside jobs, and other activities can cause a student to “shut down”, “drop out”, or “just skate by”. Develop the skills necessary to be more successful in the “race to the finish”

Today, a college environment can be a place where fear is everywhere. From peer pressure, relationship issues, poor grades, lack of sleep, and inadequate skill development, just to mention a few, can cause anxiety in even the most stable of students. Learn how to identify and deal with these elements.


  • Targeted Audience: College students / staff
  • Audience Size: 100 – 2,000
  • Time Needed: 60 – 75 minutes
  • Facility Required: Any type of venue
  • Each program is totally designed to meet your needs.

America’s Got Talent / Leadership Starts With Me

Almost all college students are provided an orientation experience to acclimate them to college life. This experience assists them in at least getting started in the right direction.

The process of developing leadership skills however, is usually left to the process of “self development”. Imagine what it would be like for one to be able to take a course on this very topic. The syllabus might read something like this:

The Principles of Leadership

  • Utilizing one’s potential in the interaction process at all times
  • Perfect public speaking skills
  • Learn how to read other people more quickly
  • Interpret both the verbal word as well as the non-verbal behavior
  • Initiate leadership skills in a diplomatic style
  • Become a leader who is respected, not feared or resented
  • Lead by example, control your emotions and channel the energy necessary to complete every task

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