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Corporate Stage Hypnotist Jim Wand has been involved in Corporate Entertainment for the past twenty years. If you’re looking for a hypnotist for your corporate event that can ensure a comedy show that’s nothing less than professional, Wand Enterprises is your one-stop show for hypnosis entertainment.

Corporate Stage Hypnotist Jim Wand has been involved in Corporate Entertainment for the past twenty years.


The typical performance is structured as follows:
  • A Brief Pre-Talk consisting of humor and an introduction of the event. The artist explains that everyone is hypnotized at the same time, most activities include all hypnotized participants and no personal or sensitive questions are asked. They basically explain the process and answer all commonly asked questions.
  • Obtaining Volunteers – either a list of participants is provided by the contact person if particular individuals are predetermined to partake or the artist will ask for volunteers to participate. Getting volunteers is never a problem after the artist’s Pre-Talk.
  • The hypnosis induction is done in such a way as audience members can also participate if they so desire. Many people have an interest in hypnosis but would feel more comfortable participating in the audience and not on stage.
The Show

Wand Enterprises is your one stop show for hypnosis entertainment. In additional to non-stop entertainment, and educates the audience as to show how hypnotic techniques can be utilized to enhance one’s life on a daily basis. These self hypnosis tips will help with organizational, time management, and much more. Here at Wand Enterprises we guarantee an appropriate hypnosis show for any corporate event!

Wand Enterprises has a variety of artists to meet these needs.

Hypnotists are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment offered by corporations nation wide. Each performance is fast moving, tastefully done and guaranteed to be enjoyed by all.

Our rebook rate is over 98%. A corporate hypnosis performance is always designed around the company, its products and/or services, event theme if applicable and audience make up. Each performance is custom-designed to meet the needs of the group.

Once a date is booked, Wand Enterprises contacts the venue and discusses all physical / technical arrangements. The artist communicates with the contact person within the company to research the company, audience and other details pertinent to the event, and then designs a performance within the scope of the information reviewed. At least a week prior to the activity, the artist phones the company contact person and discusses in detail what the performance content will be and lets him/her make revisions if needed the date of the event. They arrive at least an hour prior to the doors opening to make sure all technical needs are attended to. (Wand provides a sound technician at no additional cost to ensure a quality program.)

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