Mark Maverick

Stage Hypnotist

Mark Maverick is originally from London, England but now lives in the USA. He is one of the nation’s top hypnotists performing for audiences all over the country (sometimes all over the world), and entertaining thousands of audience members in over 2500 shows, Mark Maverick’s unique approach demonstrates the powers of the human imagination in a hilarious and energized show that is also thrilling and mesmerizing. Mark Maverick is a well-rounded entertainer with experience performing for celebrities, cruise lines, top Fortune 500 companies, as well as Las Vegas casinos, to name just a few. The show is fun, choreographed to music, and allows audience members to venture into the fascinating world of the subconscious mind bounded only by one’s imagination. Volunteer audience members become the stars of the show. You will laugh hysterically as Mark Maverick takes these volunteers on a guided tour through their imaginations with hilarious results! Mark Maverick uses his powers of suggestion to place audience volunteers in hilarious situational skits, making them the stars of the show. For example you may witness: A participant that believes his or her shoe is a ringing telephone A man that sees an ordinary broom is the most beautiful woman in the world and begins to passionately stroke the broom’s “hair” and even kiss it. Friends that believe they’re famous celebrities like Madonna or Elvis. Then, cued by music, they’ll actually begin to perform like the famous star. Participants who will only be able to say the word “yes” while others will forget their own name! Perhaps the participant will be you… We look forward to having Mark perform at our event. Maybe you will be one of the stars of his show..

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