About Wand Enterprises

Wand Enterprises has been in existence for 25 years. Initially we booked only Dr. Jim Wand and had only a part-time secretary. Today the agency represents over 100 hypnotists, magicians, comedians and ventriloquists on a regular basis and many more when requested. If we don't have the act you want on our roster, we will help locate and set up the date whenever and wherever possible.

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  1. Full Time Staff

    Wand Enterprises has a full time staff available to assist you from the time the contract is signed until the event has concluded

  2. All of our Hypnotists

    All the hypnotists we represent are professional, easy to work with, can provide a certificate of insurance and an audience appropriate show.

  3. Custom Designed for YOU

    Each performance is custom designed with the client and attendees in mind, putting emphasis on services and/or products. It will also be fast moving, tastefully done and remembered by everyone!

  4. Over 700+ Contracts Each Year

    Over 500 contracts for hypnotic entertainers are issued each year. Over 90% of our corporate dates are repeat and/or booked by referrals

  5. Dr. Jim Wand

    Dr. Jim Wand, the owner of the agency has a doctorate in the area of psychology assist in selecting the right hypnotist for each date. Dr. Wand continues to do over 200 presentations each year.

  6. Excellent Customer Service

    Two weeks prior to the date of the event the artist is in touch with the contact person to go over the “logistics of the event” and answer all questions. A follow up is made by our staff to do an in depth evaluation of the program and artist.

  7. Our Guarantee

    Each performance is guaranteed to be everything you had hoped for and more!


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